From Miranda:

A quick note to say how much we all enjoyed the carol concert yesterday evening. Wonderful music and lovely atmosphere.
I'm British and like many of us have lived here for years (& am now proud to also be a Belgian national!). However, it is lovely to hear British Christmas carols; nostalgic memories of my childhood growing up in the UK.
I can also appreciate how much time and effort it must have taken all of you to prepare the concert; so once again many thanks and congratulations.


Net Proceeds will be donated to the Foetal Medicine Foundation Belgium at Brugmann Children's Hospital, Queen Fabiola Children's Hospital Brugman, to help the work of Professor Jacques Jani, a specialist in neo-natal care, concentrating on prematurity. Prematurity is responsible for more than half of all neonatal deaths; advances in neo-natal care have considerably improved survival of extremely premature infants, but a significant risk of handicap and disability in survivors remains,with an associated social and economic burden. Professor Jani's research aims to elaborate a more effective strategy for identifying women at risk of premature birth and to intervene in the early weeks of pregnancy to improve survival chances.




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