Children's Choir

First rehearsal - Sunday 24 September at 2pm.

Other dates: October 1, 8, 22



Welcome to the BCC Children's Choir. We are still recruiting! A parent in 2021 wrote "It was wonderful to see the timidness of the newcomers and the giggy excitement of the 'veterans'. Thank you for encouraging the parents to stay for the rehearsal".
Children from ages 5-15 are welcome to join and we ask that they attend at least 50% of the ten rehearsals- all songs are sung from memory.



Membership fee - this year there will be a small charge to cover the hiring of the church, the music team and insurance. For the TEN rehearsals we suggest:
child €45 / Family 2 children €70/ Family 3+4 children €80

At the first rehearsal we will give you a payment slip with the bank account. (Or bring cash)

The music will be scanned to you. Please print out the words.

Eglise Sainte Anne
Chaussee de Tervuren 89
Auderghem 1160


Please email me on or call me on 0473 716 964 if you have questions.



I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the children's rehearsal! You clearly had a good rapport going with the children. Jonathan

I wanted to send you both a big thank you for all of your hard work with the children's choir. Our daughter Yasmin loved her first year participating – it was a really inspiring experience for her, her first time rehearsing and performing music and she's now endlessly singing her carols around the house, at school and so on. I am really grateful for all of your energy and time – especially given the nightmare Covid restrictions hitting the concert on Sunday – which was a fantastic event. I hope you have a decent rest and a very happy Christmas and peaceful New Year. Richard.